Today, polyurethane is ever present in our daily life. Textile, shoes, mattresses, medical appliances, automobiles and other vehicles, refridgerators, furniture and, of course, insulating materials are manufactured using polyurethane rigid foam. The basic recipe defines the specifically required product and property characteristics of polyurethane. This possibility to „control“ ensures - among other factors - that polyurethane corresponds exactly to the requirements desired in each specific application.

High-grade and durable

Polyurethanes are part of the thermoset family of plastics. They won't even melt at high temperatures and keep their shape and dimension. Furthermore, polyurethanes are highly pressure-resistant, durable, water-repellent and resistant to most construction-type chemicals. Factory-made thermal insulation products manufactured of polyurethane rigid foam are standardized throughout Europe (DIN EN 13165).

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