Insulating element for halls puren ALD

puren ALD is a cost-efficient high-performance insulating system for hall ceilings and particularly suitable for insulating warehouses for storing vegetables/produce.

puren ALD Insulating element for halls

puren ALD TCG (WLS) 025 - diffusion-sealed design

Sandwich panel for ceiling insulation made of high-performance PUR/PIR rigid foam insulating material, application type PUR 025 DI with double-sided aluminum foil coating (50 µm), one visible side painted white, for insulating warehouse or workshop ceilings with no thermal bridging.


  • Resistant against moisture and aggressive vapors
  • Bright and lightly textured anti-glare finish, brightening up the rooms
  • Ideal for visible ceilings in industrial halls and vegetable/produce warehouses, shops etc.
  • Easy to process into air guide barriers and air supply flaps
  • Can be laid directly onto a wooden ceiling or suspended from trusses or raftered ceilings
  • Also available in fixed lengths of up to 12 m
  • Work-proven accessories for easy, fast and clean installation
  • Biologically neutral, resistant to vermin

(also suitable for insulating basement ceilings, available format 1250 x 1200 mm, thickness 60 mm - delivery time upon request)

A U-value of 0.46* can be achieved with a thickness of just 50 mm.

Formats: Thicknesses up to 80 mm
Outer dimensions 2500 x 1200 mm
Fitting dimensions 2485 x 1185 mm
Edges tongue+groove

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*Thermal transfer resistances RSI und RSE, are considered.  Other project-specific features, such as those in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6946, are not taken into account.



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