puren flat roof insulating element - puren® PIR KOMPAKT SD+

PIR KOMPAKT SD+ :  high-performance insulation for a safe, durable flat roof structure with no water seeping in meets with highest requirements to thermal and moisture protection.

Highest safety well-designed

The PIR KOMPAKT SD+ safety roof combines the proven structure of a traditional warm roof with the advantages of a highly efficient thermal insulation made of PIR rigid foam as well as the novelty that the entire structure is protected throughout against moisture seeping in:

Customized PUR/PIR insulation materials for every application

puren PIR KOMPAKT SD+ insulating elements are made of modified PIR rigid foam convincing through its sum of technical properties:  The closed-cell foam structure prevents water from seeping in during short-term exposure; its high temperature-stability allows for installation even into hot liquid elastomer bitumen.  Even under high temperature stress, puren puren PIR KOMPAKT SD+ insulating boards retain their shape and remain pressure-resistant.  Their low bulk density rank puren PIR KOMPAKT SD+ insulating boards as light weights, convincing with unbeatable advantages when refurbishing roof structures that cannot support high loads.  In addition, the multitude of puren PIR KOMPAKT SD+ insulating materials allows for a custom-fit realization of properties required for each respective application.

Warm roof system with no water seeping in:

In the PIR KOMPAKT SD+ safety roof, any and all superstructure layers such as vapour barrier, puren insulating boards and the first sealing layer are bonded throughout the full surface including all joints with high-elastic elastomer bitumen; each individual insulating board is embedded into elastomer bitumen from all sides and thus completely sealed off.  A horizontal seepage of leakage water is effectively prevented; any soaking is limited to the surface of one individual insulating board.  Leakage can be spotted dead-on and removed accordingly.

PIR KOMPAKT SD+ means highest thermal insulation at low thicknesses

Thermal conductivity

puren PIR KOMPAKT SD+ insulating materials are available in TCG (WLS) 026 to 029.  Their excellent thermal insulation properties allow for realizing highest requirements already at low construction heights.

Compressive strength

As a rule, puren PIR KOMPAKT SD+ insulating elements will resist a minimum load of 150 kPa*.  This high compressive strength is of special importance, if the insulating material is installed into park-decks or areas with increased load requirements such as below façades having to absorb mobile maintenance platforms.  Upon request, compressive strengths up to approx. 800 kPa can be realized.

Building material classes

puren PIR KOMPAKT SD+ insulating elements are - depending on the type of insulating material - classified as national building material class B2 acc. to DIN 4102 as well as the European class C s3 d0 (flame-resistant) acc. to DIN EN 13501-1.

Available thicknesses of insulating materials

puren PIR KOMPAKT SD+ insulating elements are available in thicknesses of up to 300 mm.  All insulating material qualities are available as flat or sloped insulation in practically unlimited thicknesses of insulating layer.  This renders time-consuming multi-layer structures obsolete, yet meeting highest requirements to thermal protection.

*Compressive strength at 10 % compressive deformation in accordance with DIN EN 826 - 20 % of the value acc. to EN 826 are to be determined as permissible continuous compressive strength at a compressive deformation of < 2 %.