Flat roof

puren sloped roof insulation -
sloped roof insulation system type
NE-B2 TCG (WLS) 025/026/027

This puren sloped roof insulating system is particularly suitable for cost-efficient insulation of and individual draining layers for flat roofs.

puren sloped roof insulation NE B2

puren sloped roof insulation type NE-B2 025/026/027

Insulating element made of high-performance PUR/PIR (polyurethane) rigid foam insulating material, DIN EN 13165, TCG (WLS) 025 or 026 or 027, building material class B2, non-laminated, application type PUR 025 DAA ds or PUR 026 DAA ds, or PUR 027 DAA ds.

Areas of application:
External insulation of roofs or ceilings, protected against weathering, insulation below sealings with high resistance to pressure loads


  • Object-specific installation plans and parts lists will be prepared
  • Free choice of inclination and type of drainage
  • Slope and thermal insulation will be installed in one process
  • High cost-benefit efficiency
  • No moisture as in concrete-bound slope layers is trapped, thus no waiting because of long drying times
  • Pre-fabricated chamfered and flash panels for smooth transitions
  • Slim superstructure providing optimum thermal insulation
  • Suitable for installation into hot asphalt
  • Non-crushing, suitable for installing into high-load surfaces such as patio, green or roofs with gravel loads
  • When laid onto trapezoidal corrugated steel, the insulation will not be torn when stepped on
  • Low additional load on the roof construction
  • Resistant to chemicals and solvents typically used in building & construction

acc. to customers' specifications.  Available in building material classes B1 and B2 acc. to DIN 4102 as well as class C-s3, d0 acc. to DIN EN 13501-1

1200 x 800 mm
800 x 800 mm chamfered and flash panels
other formats upon request

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