puren sloped roof insulation system - more room to design for planners and users

Even for this building, an inclination in the opposite direction to the already existing slope is possible when using puren sloped roof insulation systems.
Tower of Pisa

Execute your own version instead of adapting

This puren sloped roof insulation system accommodates planners' and builders' requests and not the other way around.  No matter, whether building new or refurbishing:  Independent from the size of the object, the angle of inclinations ranges from 0 - 90°.  puren lets you realize even the most complicated roof landscapes cost-efficiently and sustainably.

Performance that convinces

Already upon entering a dimensional sketch and the necessary design parameters into the Request for Quotation form, a cost overview for the project in planning can be prepared.  This process will take all requirements requested into consideration, such as inclination, thermal protection, usage at a later date (green roof, gravel layer, tiles or other roofing), up to calculating the U-value.  If the order is placed, our sloped roof experts will prepare an installation plan including the position number of the individual elements according to the planning documentation submitted.

Convincing advantages:

  • TCG (WLS) 029 - 026 (DIN 4108)
  • Can be walked on
  • Compressive strength at 10% compressive deformation acc. to DIN EN 826: 150 kPa
  • Special product types up to 820 kPa
  • Insulating elements may be used either way up for cost-efficient fitting with low off-cut waste
  • Resistant against hot asphalt
  • Easy to install when complying with our installation instructions...
  • Does not drip of while burning
  • Flammability rating B1 or B2 acc. to DIN 4102, class C-s3, d0 acc. to EN 13501-1
  • Application range from -20° C to + 110° C
  • Thicknesses from 20 mm

Three proven systems - one name: puren sloped roof

The optimum solution for individual roof architecture

No matter how complicated the roof may be, this system realizes the impossible - up to a slope running into the opposite direction when refurbishing.  A panel size of 1000 x 500 mm allows for easy handling, particularly, as the material convinces with light weight and good compressive strength.

Individual construction shapes permit enormous freedom of design - puren does not restrict but gives you more creative leeway when planning.
puren sloped roof

Material:  High-performance rigid foam insulating material (polyurethane) made by puren acc. to DIN 18164, quality-protected.  Building material class B2 or B1.  TCG (WLS) 029, resistant to hot asphalt and pressure loads.

All puren sloped roof systems are:
Harmless from a biological and building ecology point of view, non-rotting, recyclable, mould- and mildew-resistant.

Sophisticated for cost-efficient building

sketch sloped roof

To realize roofs with several inclination directions and saving on cut-off waste, puren offers a sloped roof system providing pre-cut chamfered boards.  In this version, chamfers are being laid inward from the roof edge at a 45° angle.  Should a chamfer not be flush with the roof edge, the inclination will continue in its existing slope to the roof edge.  As all fields have the same inclination, insulation panels will not have the same height at the roof edge.

Perfect installations solved successfully with the puren sloped wedge

sketch sloped wedge

Demand for quality must not be an issue of order volume.  For small roof areas or anywhere a steep slope is required to drain water from exposed locations (such as roof edges), the puren sloped wedge is an excellent alternative.

For optimum handling and perfect durability we recommend - aside from competent installation - using original puren accessories.  Whether adhesive, attic wedges - from long-term experience in the area of sloped roofs, articles and materials have been developed, capable to further optimize the already outstanding quality of our sloped roof panels.