Steep roof insulation puren insulation paneling

Insulating system for insulation between rafters

puren insulation paneling

This roof insulating system is an effective basic insulation replacing wood paneling as well as ideal for combining with insulation between rafters

Die puren® insulation paneling  is made of high-performance PUR/PIR rigid foam insulating material (polyurethane) with double-sided, diffusion-open special fleece coating, bottom side reinforced with fabric, and can be walked on* acc. to GS BAU 18 (test principles of the professional association of the German building industry).  In addition, this roof insulating system is laminated topside with additional diffusion-open, high-tech Diffucell® roof-deck foil with self-adhesive seams.




  • Application type DAD, building material class B2
  • Full-surface insulation TCG (WLS) 029 with no thermal bridging for installation atop rafters
  • Good thermal insulation at low material thickness
  • All-around tongue+groove joint
  • Top side laminated with diffusion-open high-tech Diffucell® roof-deck foil (sd = 0.02 m) with self-adhesive seams ("adhesive-on-adhesive" system)
  • Can be combined with any type of insulation between rafters (the room inside must be equipped with an appropriate vapor barrier below the insulation between rafters)
  • Executed as roof-deck foil protected against splitting of seams and perforation (add. measure class 3) in combination with the puren nail sealing tape
  • Printed grid as cutting aid

Outer dimensions 2400 x 1020 mm
Fitting dimensions 2380 x 1000 mm

* §11 of the Accident Prevention Regulations for „Building & Construction Work“ must be observed.

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