Composite materials

Variety for ever new requirements: puren's PUR/PIR product range.

puren construction materials

puren construction materials made of high-performance polyurethane (PUR/PIR/prepolymer) rigid foam are explicitly suitable for further processing being the core material of various cover layers such as aluminum, sheets, plastic foils and sheets, wood veneer etc.  Resulting composite elements are used in the construction of windows, doors and façades up to superstructures for commercial vehicles of any kind.

modur® rigid foam for model-making

The biggest dreams often have a "PUR" heart

The huge stage props in amusement parks, gigantic advertising characters at the entrance to outdoor adventure swimming pools or the breath-taking 1:1 prototype of a futuristic roadster - all have something in common:  A core made of puren rigid foam for model making.

purenit: a smart construction material with an applicationPLUS

purenit is much more than a construction material.  Because of its numerous areas of application and the multitude of outstanding properties regarding its processing throughout various industries, purenit may be termed a versatile smart material.  purenit is resistant to moisture, can be fastened with screws and laminated or combined with many other materials and still excels through its high strength.  That means: a core material for first-class composite elements!

Areas of application

  • Profiles or ledges
  • Paste-ins in wet and damp rooms, façades
  • Window and door construction
  • Building bathrooms and nautical furniture
  • Counter tops
  • Basis for sandwich elements

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