Öl-Ex Ex binding agents for oil and chemicals


Öl-Ex: : A wide product range for applications against oil and chemical contamination.

Öl-Ex oil- and chemical binding agents have a particularly high absorption capacity and consist primarily of polyurethane materials.  They can be used to ward off contamination, not only in water but also on the ground and streets depending on the individual product and type.  Öl-Ex products have long proven themselves with communes, the fire department, the Army, industrial installations, environmental protection agencies, etc.


  • Excellent absorption capacity
  • Quick and easy application
  • Unlimited shelf life, not poisonous, toxic or aggressive
  • Can be used in any weather
  • Retains coagulated oil
  • Absolutely capable of floating (all types I + II)
  • Used successfully at home and abroad, officially tested

Requirements for oil and chemical binding agents

The recycling and waste management legislation (German Waste Avoidance, Recovery and Disposal Act) has been effective since October 7, 1996, and has significantly changed waste legislation in Germany.  As a result, in future all waste must be classified and treated in the following order as regards priority and significance:

  • Waste must be avoided - if this is not possible,
  • Waste must be used - if this is not possible,
  • Waste must be disposed of.

Product matrix

Particularly suited for use on / in:
Product Streets Waterways, docks etc. Industry Building & Construction companies
Filter systems
Sewage treatment plants
Water works
Öl-Ex Powder
The standard agent.  Excellent absorption capacity up to 6 times its own weight; universal use, also with thrower/spreader.
Öl-Ex 82
Medium-weight all-round oil and chemical binder for a multitude of applications:  medium to coarse grain size.  Can also be used when wet.  Good anti-slip characteristics.
Öl-Ex All-weather
Medium-weight oil and chemical binder; water-repelling, absorbs within seconds.
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Öl-Ex Rigid
Heavy oil and chemical binder.  Handy, fine grained, inherently stable  and anti-slip even after saturation.
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Öl-Ex Cubes
For continuous use on all types of waterways.  Even such with strong turbulence and high flow rate.  Very good absorption capacity, easy to skim, rake off, and suitable for suspensions.
Öl-Ex Skimming shovel
The flexible tool with folding handle for convenient and easy cleaning of water surfaces – can be easily stored in the service vehicle.
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