puren Öl-Ex powder types I, II + III/R

Öl-Ex powder standard oil binding and chemical binding

This standard oil and chemical binding agent offers an absorption capacity of up to 5 times its intrinsic weight.  Its capacity for oil absorption is hardly reduced by the presence of water and remains at almost 100 %.  Consequently, its price/performance ratio speaks for itself.

Its particular product characteristics make Öl-Ex powder highly suitable primarily for use on / in:

  • Waterways
  • Trade
  • Industrial applications
  • Varnish & paint factories
  • Waste disposal enterprises
Material: Polyurethane
Grain size: 0,5 - 4 mm
Bulk weight: approx. 53 g/l
Packaging: 100 l, approx. 5 kg pro sack - 24 sacks per pallet
Oil absorption: Heating oil 0,33 l oil per liter of oil binder, without pressure load

All Öl-Ex binding agents have been tested according to the requirements of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

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