05/16/17 12:59

Important information regarding product availability of PU insulation materials

Dear Madame, dear Sir,
dear customers,

in the past weeks we already had informed you about the generally limited availability of the raw material (MDI), which is essential for the production of polyurethane rigid foam.

On April 25, 2017– as reported in the media – a significant supplier of raw materials declared Force Majeure due to an unforeseen failure of an MDI production facility, and announced an only limited capacity to deliver. puren gmbh like many other companies in our industry is affected as well. Unfortunately the already tense raw material situation thus has been intensified so that further companies in our industry have to restrict their capacity to deliver significantly in some cases.

puren gmbh is also experiencing an absolutely unusual and unpredictable situation within the raw material market for polyurethane (PU) rigid foam. As a result we have received a very large number of orders for PU insulation materials, far exceeding the usual order levels. Unfortunately we are unable to meet this unforeseen high demand and the resulting orders at the moment. We are unfortunately also not able to predict if our supplier will deliver our raw material MDI to the usual extent.

Therefore we ask for your understanding if we have to reject new orders. In addition to possible delays in delivery, we cannot rule out extended processing times during the preparation and confirmation of orders.

While we regret this circumstance very much, we will do our best to reduce the impact on you to a possible minimum. Thank you very much for your understanding and support. We will of course keep you updated on the subject of raw material scarcity and our product availability.

If you have any questions your usual internal and external sales representatives as well as your sales managers are available to assist you. We look forward to a continued trustworthy and successful cooperation.

Best regards,
puren gmbh

Dr. Andreas Huther
(Managing Director)